Additional Information

  • Dive Packages (more info)

    • If you want to come dive for several days, then feel free to choose a package of 3 or 5 days. You can take breaks and not dive every day, but with a day or two off.
    • Choose any hotel in Sharm, we provide free transfer from any hotel. We also organize airport transfers free of charge for our divers.
    • Pick up from the hotel takes place at the main gate of the hotel around 8 am. The bus will bring you to the port, where we will meet you and bring you to the dive boat.
    • Every day we change destinations and dive sites according to the weather and requests. If you have preferences, be sure to let us know and we will organize an unforgettable experience for you.
    • 2 dives are made from the boat. Optionally, a third dive can be requested.
    • Lunch and soft drinks are provided on the boat.
    • The total cost of the package consists of the cost of diving, plus the price of the national park ticket, lunch and drinks, and equipment rental (if you do not have your own)
    • The return to the port takes place around 16:00.
    • For booking, you need to send us: passport, certificate, hotel, start date of diving, if you need to rent equipment, indicate the height / weight / shoe size (equipment will be collected and will be waiting for you on the boat). If you need a transfer from the airport, you need to send flight data. The driver will meet you at the exit at the terminal with a sign EASYDIVERS.
    • All dives include 12 liter tanks, cargo, guide and transfer.
    • Equipment rental is not included in the price.
    • Includes equipment rental
    • PADI study materials are subject to a hotel charge
    • In addition, tickets to the national park and lunches are covered.

  • Equipment Rental

    Rent USD
    Full Equipment 25
    Mask and Snorkel/ Mask, Snorkel, Fins 3/5
    Fins 3
    Inflator hose/octopus or pressure gauge 3/5
    Short Suit 5
    Long Suit 8
    Buoyancy Compensator 10
    Regulator 10
    Cylinder 15 liters 5
    Nitrox 12 liters/Nitrox 15 liters 5/8
    Torch 8

  • Specializations

    Specializations* USD
    PADI Enriched Air (2 dives) 140
    PADIEnrichedAir (no diving) 90
    PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 dives) 125
    PADI Digital U/W Photography (2 dives) 145
    PADI Deep Diver (4 dives) 215
    PADI Night Diver (3 dives) 185
    PADI Wreck Diver (4 dives) 210
    PADI Drift Diver (2 dives) 95

    *Rent of equipment is not included in the price

    *Additional fees are not included in the price

  • Additional charges

    Park ticket 7
    Lunch and drinks on the boat 7
    Tistellorm (in addition to the package) Lantern optional 70
    LegendaryDahabTistelhorm (in addition to the package) 60
    Private guide per day 50
    Private guide for 1 dive 35
    Lunch and drinks on the boat (Tistelgorm) 10
    Individual Yacht 10
    DahabTerraincognita(in addition to the package) 80

  • Snorkeling and diving experience

    Snorkeling and diving experience USD
    Bubblemaker (min 8 years in pool or lagoon) 40
    PADIDSD ( 1 day theory and closed water, 1 day dive in the sea 120
    *Boat snorkeling 40
    Introductory Boat Dive 70
    Passenger on boat * 40

    *Includes lunch, national park and port fees

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