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Shark & Yolanda Reef

Shark& Yolanda Reef

This is the most famous and popular dive site in the Red Sea for the variety of its marine environment and above all for extraordinary abundance of its reef and pelagic fauna. Summer months are especially spectacular with schools of multiple barracuda, jackfish and bat fish that appear before your eyes. Currents can be extremely strong. There are many dives you can make here – all of which are drift dives. The classic dive will allow you to visit not only Shark Reef but the other two sites: Anemone City and Yolanda Reef. The dive begins at a plateau known as Anemone City. A large population of sea anemones


have colonized this plateau in which the light colored sand is interrupted by coral formations.  After swim in the blue at a course 150’, which wall descends vertically to an abyss more than 700m deep. Observe the blue you may easily see schoolings of batfish, snappers, barracuda, unicornfish. Keep the reef on your right and you will reach the sandy and shallow saddle that connects Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef. Yolanda Reef takes its name after a Cypriot merchant ship sunk here in 1980 on its way to Aqaba. Vessel contained bathtubs, sanitary fixtures, wallpare, cases of whisky and even BMW 320 that belonged to the ship captain. The wreckage is always surrounded by large groupers, Napoleon fish, snappers and fusiliers. The ship stood half above the surface, after a violent storm it was pushed to a depth 50 meters. Now it lies at a depth of around 200 meters. The dive usually end after exploring the remains of Yolanda. If you still have some air you still have some time to explore the sandy lagoon stretching behind Yolanda Reef and the saddle between two coral outcrops inhabited by Bluespotted stringrays, scorpionfish, stonefish, Napoleon fish and Crocodile fish. As an alternative you can visit the near bySatellite Reefor explore the area south of Yolanda. 

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