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Peak Performance Buoyancy

Peak Performance Buoyancy


Most of divers compare making scuba diving feeling with being in zero gravity like astronaut. Divers have to be in neutral buoyancy neither sink nor float. Have you seen those divers in the water which a gliding, effortless swimming through the water? Mastering in buoyancy will help you to minimize damage of fragile aquatic life, also you will be able to use less air as you will use less efforts.

Polish your buoyancy skills by playing funny games and you will not even notice after 2 open water dives that something what is used to be impossible is becoming so easy.

To subscribe for the course you need to be Minimum 10 years old and have minimum Junior Open Water Diver Certification.



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The Pricing above is the RESERVATION deposit which is approximately 25% of the price.

the 25% - or 50% in case of liveaboards - are Non refundable. If you'd like to check the full pricing please visit our Price List Page

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