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Jackfish Alley

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Jackfish alley

The name of this dive site derives from the wide sandy road between the coral ledge bordering the coast and a parallel satellite reef that is often frequented by jackfish and other predators. Descend at the white mark on the cliff till 6 meters and you will easily spot the large entrance of the first cave, which penetrates the reef about 40 meters and from which you exit, keeping to your left at a depth of 9 meters. A little further south there is a sandy bay that must be crossed in a southwest direction in order to see at a depth of 11 meters, another coral outcrop swarming with life and populated by another colony of glass fish. Continue to southwest you will see a zone rich in madrepores, at a depth of


18-20 meters you will be at the sandy “alley” this site is named after. Jackfish, trigger fish, turtles, black fin barracuda have often been spotted in this area. 

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